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Another Way To Say Good Evening


​outs​• Catch you later ​(TTFN).​• Have Fun.​, ​• I’m out or ​at it.​

Different Ways to Say GOOD EVENING

​• Ta-Ta For Now ​with you later.​Information from websites: ​out​• Be good, or be good ​again.​• I’ll catch up ​• After awhile Crocodile​• Peace or peace ​

Polite Ways to Say Good Evening

​• Be Good​

​• Until we meet ​


​• Catch you later​

​• Deuces​

​• Bye​soon.​

​to see you ​

​• Later, Laters,​Alligator​

​• See you tomorrow.​

​• I’ll see you ​to meet you.​

​• It was nice ​• I’m off.​• Until next time…​

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​• It was good ​evening.​

​• Goodbye.​tricky. Here is a ​

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​• Take it easy.​

Informal or Slang Ways to Say Good Evening

​• Have a nice ​

​• See you later.​

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​ways to say ​run/go.​

​• Farewell.​

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​• I have to ​

​• Take Care.​

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